Meet The SCAP

The SCAP was designed by a scuba diver for divers and all water sport adventurers. Bathing caps have existed for a long time. The need to tame wild hair in the water is quickly understood once you dive in. Whether it's holding hair back to prevent a leaking mask, or keeping hair out of your eyes on a surf board. Maintaining proper vision is mission critical. The SCAP provides the solution by taming your hair and allowing your focus to remain where it should...Enjoying the water.

We can't all enjoy warm beach front living, and warm Caribbean waters turn chilly after long periods of time. Staying warm means comfort. Staying warm means enjoyment. SCAP means staying warm. Unlike other “hair managing solutions made of lycra”.  The SCAP is made from neoprene, just like your wetsuit. By trapping a small amount of water between the skin and the SCAP and reducing the circulation of the water, The SCAP allows your natural body heat to warm the trapped water and provide a critical protective barrier.
Unlike other “warmer water” products that resemble your mother's bathing cap, The SCAP means style. Any water sport enthusiast owns a hood, and we at The SCAP do too. Hoods have their place in frigid icy waters. Everywhere else, you wear The SCAP.  By blending the tie back method of a “do rag” with the look of a “skull cap” and neoprene colors and patterns, The SCAP becomes part of your personal statement both below and above the water.
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