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2014 Update:

August 2 - The SCAP Team sponsored Dive Hope 2014 helping to raise money for Breast Cancer at White Star Quarry.  Watch the day's events:


On June 7th, Daryl Farmer will be rowing from Monterey, CA to Honolulu, Hawaii.  

We want to say that again, because here at The SCAP, rowing to a fishing spot would be a workout.

On June 7th, Daryl Farmer will be ROWING from Monterey, CA to Honolulu, Hawaii.

This is part of a huge race, over 2,400 miles that will take anywhere from one to three months to complete.  Our friend, Daryl is participating in this amazing event for Rowing for Reefs, a charity that sponsors the Earthrace Conservation and the Peter Andre Foundation.

We at, THE SCAP, were so impressed with both the work of this charity, as well as the phenomenal undertaking of Daryl, a special SCAP was created to commemorate the event and to support this great organization.

For a limited time, you can add the ROWING FOR REEFS SCAP to your collection, and a portion of the proceeds are donated directly to this charity.

Help us cheer on Daryl, and help us support Rowing for Reefs and the wonderful work they do.

You can follow this adventure via:

Twitter:  @pacificsolorow


Web: New Ocean Wave

and you can support the cause with a Rowing for Reefs SCAP HERE.

Happy Diving.

In the water, out of the water

We dive the buddy system for a reason.  When you least expect it, trouble can strike and everyone needs a friend they can count on.

We heard from a SCAP “dive buddy” recently and her story, along with the comfort delivered by her trusty SCAP inspired us to do what we can to help support the buddy system “in the water, out of the water”.

Joanne from the UK wrote:

“I first encountered The SCAP quite a few years back now when I realized, whilst diving, I needed something to keep my long hair out of the way of the camera, made it easy to get my mask on & off under water, but also to keep my head warm. I am a sort of a chilly person, feel the cold easily, so this little bit of neoprene gave me just that extra bit of warmth to keep me cosy whilst diving, especially in the Red Sea & The Maldives. I have quite a few in my collection & I consider it a part of my essential diving equipment now.

I was fortunate enough to do the Sardine Run in South Africa June 2011, no Scap used then, a full hood was required LOL - what an amazing experience that was! On my return, I felt some lumps in my neck, didn't think much of it until more lumps appeared. Certain tests were carried out, but I got lost in the system and it was not until September 2012 I was finally diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Such a shock as I had just had a lovely live aboard experience in the Red Sea, whereby two friends got engaged. It was also memorable for another reason as we tragically lost a very dear friend on the trip, a trip never to be forgotten for its own special reasons... 

August 2012, was my last diving trip to date as I was too ill to do anything, let alone diving! I started chemotherapy in September & my hair started to fall out. It was embarrassing at the time and I shed a few tears to say the least as every women loves their own hair don't they? I did get myself a wig, but to be honest, I started to get used to being bald inside my own home but never was brave enough to be seen in public without anything covering my head.  This is when I thought to myself, you know what I do have! I have my funky SCAP’s! So I started to wear my SCAP’s at work, out on the street, out shopping etc. They were great! They gave me so much confidence to feel I was able to be seen in public, my self esteem rocketed! When I wore them at work, I did get a lot of lovely nice comments about them, I think half of my work colleagues all know about The SCAP now!

So, not only for diving, the SCAP can be used as 'special' head gear for anyone who has lost their hair and need that little bit of warmth. 

Thank you SCAP for making a real difference to how I looked, how I felt and for giving me that extra bit of confidence that was sorely needed during the months of going through chemotherapy.”

Joanne reminded us that the buddy system does not end at the water’s edge and in her honor we created this division of the SCAP.  To promote awareness and help any way we can.

We created the brand new “Pink Ribbon” SCAP and are proud to announce that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each one go directly to charities dedicated to finding a cure.

Thank you Joanne, your inspiration touched us and sharing your story reminded us to be a buddy in the water, out of the water.

You can purchase your Pink Ribbon SCAP in our online store under the Custom SCAPS.

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